Pedcor Management Corporation Employee Spotlight

Pedcor Management Corporation is proud to announce “PMC Employee Spotlight”, a monthly employee recognition program. The program is based on internal nominations by PMC team members who wish to shine the spotlight on a colleague. Pedcor Management Corporation employees span coast to coast and they now have the opportunity to recognize and praise a coworker for their outstanding work, achievements, and attributes. We will be sharing the monthly PMC Employee Spotlights on our blog, Pedcor Management’s Facebook profile, and Pedcor Management’s LinkedIn profile to further highlight and recognize employees.

PMC Employee Spotlight

Jennifer Convington, Port Crossing Property Manager

The first PMC Employee Spotlight is Jennifer Convington. Jennifer is the Property Manager at Port Crossing in Portage, Indiana. She joined Pedcor in 2017 and was nominated by her colleague.

Jennifer is recognized because “I feel Jennifer truly cares about the residents, staff, and the company as a whole. She is helpful and kind to her staff, residents, and applicants, without looking for a pat on the back.” Before she became the property manager, she was the assistant manager, and before that, she was a leasing agent. “I really think she deserves that pat on the back she isn’t looking for” was another reason why Jennifer is recognized for being the PMC Employee Spotlight.

Thank you, Jennifer, for all that you do for the Port Crossing community and Pedcor Management Corporation.

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